A World Of Their Own!

It was them!

It was everything about her that he liked!

It was everything about him that she loved!

Everything she did, everything she was,

The way her hair blew in the sea breeze,

and the way he watched them blow,,

The way she smiled the moment she saw him,


and they way his eyes would twinkle,

The way she would take care of him,

and the way he protected her

She knew no one ever would,

Her touch was subtle he would often say,

His touch would make her feel safe!

The way it was only him that she saw!

and the way he couldnt see anyone else but her!

The way they spent their evenings lost in eachothers eyes,

The way they understood the unsaid,

The way he held her safe she felt,

and the way she held him back tighter!

The way his face lit up when she walked towards him,

She loved the ballroom lifts in the swimming pool!

The way she lost herself in his thoughts

The way she loved to watch him be,

She loved those bike rides and those sunsets,

She loved those random long conversations,

She loved his madness,

She loved the madness in his love,

She adored him so much,

She would often look at the moon and wear his tee when she missed him,

He would feel her around whenever he missed her,

She would fall asleep in his arms,

He would watch her sleep stroking her hair gently

She would cook for him,

He would take care of her,

She loved him as though it was her soul that lived in two different bodies, he was a part of her that and his presence was the only eternal truth she knew!

He loved her as though there would be no tomorrow, as though he had known her as a part of him!

She was his Princess & He was her Prince!

She was his damsel & He was her knight in shining armour!

She was to be rescued & He came on riding a stallion!



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Neha says:

    Nice why don’t you write a novel?

  2. tanvijuwale says:

    Almost there! thank you so much for encouraging!

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