Love Actually?

Today is Karwachauth, a festival where women fast in order to have the same husband or the same man in their life for their seven lives. I don’t know what women have to say or I don’t know how this concept came up but I find it incredibly sweet. i find it sweeter when men do the same for their wives or their spouse. Guess what? eventhough I am single, I am fasting. I dont want to settle for a guy but this romantic side of me makes me want to do it. I had an exam, I feel my head getting lighter, I am smiling insanely which is a signal of my psyche that I am being put on RED ALERT!!!

Yes, I am a girl who believes in that one true love and if I find someone worth it, I wouldn’t mind giving up everything for. I am still the girl who believes that my knight in shining armour will come to rescue even when I can rescue myself, someone who would open doors for me, pull out chairs for me, someone who would walk on the curb side, someone who would respect me, someone who knows and accepts my feminist independent ways, someone who knows that I am free as a bird and I love to fly, someone who can understand me all through to my core, someone who can handle my mood swings, someone who mock fight with me, someone I can be myself with, someone who can stay up all night just to see me sleep, someone who would listen, someone who I can cuddle on a cold winter night, someone with whom I feel safe with, someone who would kiss me in the rain, someone who would love me for what I am,  someone who knows, understands and loves me truly and is completely compatible with me!

I don’t even know whether this guy exists inreality  but if I does I am never letting him go!


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  1. purva says:

    tanu..really nice..if i hd to write down how i wanted my guy to be or my feeling toward my guy..dey do be exact same…but sumwer even if i wish to find my Mr. Right..(blame the chick flicks & novel) i knw it has a chance of..idk.. abt 1%…but still..we hope i suppose..hope sum1 does prove me and u tht not all guys a MCP..!!!

    1. tanvijuwale says:

      haha true Purva! IDK whether such a guy exists in reality but I hope both of us find that guy ASAP I dont believe in wasting time!

  2. Abdul Qavi says:

    wow ! that’s something I truly pray that u get ur mr right d perfect guy ur looking forward for at d perfect time and in d most appropriate way comes on a horse n takes u away in a world of his own where its just him n u ♡

    1. tanvijuwale says:

      Thank you so much Qavi!!! I guess I know who he is….

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