Time Stood Still

Probably everyone faces hardships I am sure everyone does and everyones hardships vary… for some hardship may be life or for some it would be losing someone they love or breaking their bones, ipod, phone……

 Life is pretty much unpredictable, my family and I were scheduled at a get together on Saturday night and I was looking forward to it since it had been ages since I met them plus the food is great. Little did I know the days would be nothing less than challenging to keep up with? my week was turned around and stress was multiplying. When I was hospitalised because of malaria and didn’t respond to the treatment I saw mum and run doing everything they could to make me feel better when the doctor said that I was lucky to be alive. It was my turn now to be by their side.

What a castatrophic event can it be when you walk home after a hard day and figure out that both your parents are unwell. Yes like everyone else I am attached to my parents although I ampretty reluctant showing or expressing (surprisingly I was only reluctant when it came to showing love to my parents, probably everyone is in my age) I remember listening to their painful cries and trying to reduce their pain. All the family barely slept and ate during that week and I felt myself succumbing to that stress though I knew I never would.

I was closer to me parents now than ever and I was learning a lot about togetherness, family, parents, equations  in relationships that change with time, growing up is something I did in this week.  A major chunk of me was taking decisions, being responsible, executing tasks all by myself and I was emotionaly and mentally exhausted by the end of the day! I could barely with my professional commitments and it being the exam season. Yes I found myself shedding tears all alone but I was happy I put a smile all day and attented to everyone right from the people who came to visit to the concerned group of people who called and the real people who cared enough to realise and help me and support me. This included a big bunch of friends.

During the illness my mum would still get up from the bed, doin things her way single handedly. I guess my fiercely independent side from her! I was proud of both my parents and myself to be stronger. there were numerous who enquired, asked, offered help but I was down into the ditches seeing my parents that way I tried my best to deliver on the professional front but that was still effected. For me, the time had stood still!


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