The Conflict Within

Love is about the person you love not yourself. You are committed to someone not because you want to be happy and taken care of but because you want to take care of them, be there for them and accept them the way they are.

Love is when you want to be with the person regardless of the situations. Love is not conditional. Yes whilst in a relationship you have to be willing to adjust and compromise for your loved one but I am sure it has an extent to. Love is also being free and letting the person you love be free and accepting them they way they are, with all their flaws and forte.

How many of us love truly? I mean all of us are selfish and as individual we ought to be no harm in that but how many of us can let go off that to love someone? And what do you do when you are caught in a conflict between love and practicality? What if you love someone enough you are willing to fight it all out yet all you can is see it slip away? Can only love make it last? Nothing lasts forever exactly why we have to find what will last longest and keep it, fight for it and never give up on it but what when you reach a point of time when everything is slipping away? There is only little you can do about it. What you can do in a place where you find yourself with you mind asking a big bunch of questions you cant answer and a heart that despite knowing everything that asks you to keep fighting when you know that you are fighting a loosing battle?



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