Off Souffles to Mars

Food is an art they say and molecular gastronomy is a sub division of food science. Science is the logic and art is the application of logic.  It deconstructs and investigates the physical, technical and chemical components of foods. It is functional on three aspects of food: social, artistic and technical. Molecular cuisine is a modern facet of cooking which uses the molecular levels of various food not only  means modern cooking. It does not restrict itself to the traditional methods of cooking but inculcates the use of scientific innovations to make food or to enhance the taste!

Although the term ‘molecular and physical gastronomy’ may sound uber cool, exotic or even something very new but the term was coined long back in 1988 by a Hungarian physicist Nicholas Kurti and a French chemist Herve This. Their efforts bloomed into successful workshops held in Italy. This cemented the gap between the art and the science aspect of the food bringing together scientist and professional cooks. So one can safely say that Nicholas Kurti and Herve This were the pioneers of molecular gastronomy. Nicholas Kurti of the University of Oxford was enthusiastic and passionate about deconstructing food and applying scientific knowledge to them;

“I think it is a sad reflection on our civilization that while we can measure the temperature in the atmosphere of Venus, we do not know what goes inside our soufflés”

His passion for food was evident ever since his appearances on the first television cook show in United Kingdom “The Physicist in the Kitchen” where he used syringes to inject hot mince pies with brandy. This is how the sub discipline which I call the mad science that beautifully applies all the aspects making it ever more crazy and insane in an appetising way. Nicholas Kurti further demonstrated his skills and passion or the application of gastronomy when he used a vacuum chamber to make a meringue, sausages across car batteries and protein digestion by fresh pineapple juice.

 Molecular gastronomy seamlessly blends the logic and the application of logic that is the art and the science of food. This is another wonder of the world. It is indeed an ever evolving concept where the sky is the limit because the capacity of the human mind rather the application of the human mind itself is limitless. So whether the art or a science, it has found its way to everyone’s heart of course via their satisfies tummies and smiling faces.


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