Just some random thoughts

I don’t really know how to react or feel. I have always known what loss feels like and that life isn’t fair. While I grew up I was taught to be grateful for what I have; and I always have been (even though I need to express it a little more). Taking the liberty or silence, my thoughts trail everywhere, wander as far they can and when I have something to say I can’t express apt enough because often it is deep and words simply dilute my expression I wish to put forth. Yes I love silence because it reflects what I my state of mind.

This time I was in the train on my way back home (thankfully not a crowded one) I sat down and thought of how life makes sense, how things work out eventually. It is like the join the dots game, all of played when we were children. we never join these dots looking forward. So perhaps it takes the darkest hour of the night to introduce you to the warm morning sun, a storm to clear out the view you have in a valley and an eye to be washed with tears to have a better view of things a clearer perspective.

I am fascinated by things, always a thinker and so my thoughts drifted after I lost my phone. Yes I curse the person who stole it with all the forbidden things. The past year 2013 wasn’t such a great year and 2014 seems to be an okayish year ahead. I have had my ups and downs, I have even made a few mistakes and hurt people, rectified and moved on. Life makes more sense than what we do cause we live life its not the other way around. Life is the most unpredictable thing known to mankind. ‘Every dog had his day’ and I couldnt agree more.

So,in conclusion of a very verbose paragraphs all I try to explain by joining dots is to never give up. It is not in life what happens to you but what you you do about it.

“Life isn’t fair but then so aren’t fairness cream commercials. Put up a fight anyway because what matters is always worth the fight.”
-Tanvi Juwale


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