Confessions of a foodie.

Food is my favourite F-word! Food excites me and I think it is something of critical importance, not only because it keeps us alive but also because it nourishes our core and also evolves and adapts automatically as per our lifestyle. What we eat makes us is true and how we can see that when we see. I agree I have an insatiable sweet-tooth (actually the sour, bitter sweet and everything tasty tooth as well) and food to me is something that I am not only passionate about but it is much more to me and so through this.
“Love your food and your food will love you back” is what I totally believe in and always say because your body is just a reaction of the food you feed yourself; having said that food is not the only factor that contributes to our body. Emotions and feelings are something else our body is absolutely receptive and reactive to specially if a person is a stress eater. When you are a stress eater or an emotional eater, you either perceive food as a reward or as compensation. When you are in a down-swing enough to impact your behavioural cycle, you start binging on your comfort food which again is something you relate to (for me it is fish curry and rice), whereas if you have something to be happy about you eat to celebrate and many a times that ends up in a binge eating sessions. Here, the culture factor also plays a big role courtesy our mothers and aunties coaxing us into eating that last jalebi, telling us to put on because we are exceptionally thin even when we have that little muffin showing when we wear cropped tops and all that love with a lot of pure desi ghee! Having said that, every one loves their fair share of ‘maa ke hath ka khana’ but we do need to strike a balance between the needs of the belly and wants of the tongue.Stress eating is abusing your body. Wouldn’t you maintain your dream car? If I had my dream car (read: Audi r8) I’d go a great distance to maintain her, to take care of her; so why should we not take care of our bodies? I don’t mean to say that you are fit and healthy only if you have a bikini body or a six pack that would be vanity not beauty, being healthy is adapting to the changes in your lifestyle with as less effort as you are.


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