If We Ever Meet Again

If we ever meet again,

It will be a while from now,

You might have that smile spread across your face,

My lips will curve upwards.

After the sand storm of misunderstanding has settled

And after the sun has set somewhere I will find you

Somewhere on the edge of age and surreal land

And you will know that you‘re still the one.


If we ever meet again,

It may not be the same land from where the unicorns flew

It may not be that edge of the rainbow where the treasure chest lay

I won’t be sad and neither would you

Clear as a crystal and calm as a dew

And the fruit time bears from the one we sown

You will know that you’re still the one


If we ever meet again

Sometimes I wonder

Would it be too late?

Would everyone know you?

Or I would bear a story untold

Once inseparable and now all alone,

Love wills how that you are still the one


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