A Sunday to remember

Just like a lot of Sundays this one seemed mundane until the weekend drew closer.
This week was a six day work way and just a day of work seemed too much to deal with. As the weekend came close, I had a bunch of friends who wanted to meet. Now, my Sunday was lined up with people to meet and good food to eat.

I rose from slumber sans my alarm, after days it felt good to be awake.  Before I left home briefly after my routine, my mom, being the archetype of an Indian mother, she made sure I was well fed even though I was heading out for a breakfast meeting. She can prepare yummy sandwiches and she made sure I had wolfed down at least three.

The breakfast was done for me. Skipping to lunch it was about  1300 hours when I reached Bandra to meet my dear friend for lunch. We narrowed down to a place called Mini Punjab (because he likes north Indian food) This place has held a bit of nostalgia owing to college life spent in Bandra. It’s a tiny restaurant placed at cluster of restaurants at Pali Hill.
It’s summer because of which we chose to sit in the family section with decent air conditioning. We sat here for a good 20 minutes until our order arrived. Our starter was a plate of Pahadi kebab, succulent pieces chicken made using spices and condiments found interesting the mountains. This kebab was passable.


These were good, don’t get me wrong but could’ve been better. They were charred on the outside tender on the inside but pretty much lacked flavour.
Next on my list was Amritsari Murgh and Butter garlic naan. The Amritsari Murgh was a huge disappointment. The chicken was chewy and the gravy was a mish mash of flavours. It was like an unpleasant traffic jam of flavours. I couldn’t get myself to chew it. Naan was passable.


No, that’s not as impressive as it looks.
However the matka kulfi that I ordered provided solace to my rather betrayed taste buds.
My friend Hormaz and I later spent an hour traveling to my office in Oshiwara. I know it doesn’t as good, but we were at office on farewell. What amused me was how every body around threw glances at me in shorts versus me in my usual work clothes.
As usual Hormaz and I reached before time. As time passed the crew arrived after a short while it was time to say goodbye. That’s something I suck at big time. I hate goodbyes. After swallowing a lump in my throat I headed to Versova for a waffle.

I took an auto and headed to Di Bella for their amazing waffles. I ordered a Rocky road waffle along with a Sydney chocolate cake. Yes, I have an insatiable sweet tooth. When they arrived firstly I took about 5 odd minutes to sink in the surreal look of that divine sweets.

I loved it.

For me food equals love and with so much food, I could only fall in love again!

While Sydney cake was passable and I’m not a fan, what floored me completely was the waffle. Crisp on the outside, moist, soft and slightly runny on the inside. It came topped with chocolate marshmallows whipped cream and ice cream! I now know what angels must look like. I cut into the luscious waffle with a knife and a fork and with every morsel that I ate, I had to close my eyes to know what heaven is made of.

After this I took a train home as an eccentric woman. I was happy because of the waffles.

I thought my day couldn’t get better and then just to prove me wrong my dad made some amazing Biryani.

I wish I had more Sundays like these. Surrounded with loving people, tasty treats, a little bit of emotion here and there (because of our crew leaving for a shoot) and then mighty good day signed off with Biryani.
These pleasures may look simple but this is where I wish to say what’s written describing the Shah Jahan’s reign:

” Ugur Firdoce bur Roo e zumeen ust, Humeen ust o Humeen ust o Humeen ust”

Today I’ve made a lot of memories and paradise is where my present is, which is today.


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