Food Good Food

Food id my favourite F-word. Apart from the usual commotional non sense that surrounds food and the listicles about the must eats and food is something that you become. As a  fussy eater and a culinary enthusiasts I take my food seriously. I’ve always felt that food is always some thing more than to eat to stay alive.

There is something elemental and appealing about food that makes people bond, takes a person down a memory lane when he eats something or perhaps food that provides comfort.  What intrigues me is the symbolism of food through cultures and the uses of it. Have you ever wondered why do you crave for some foods probably during specific highs and lows? Like Simon Majumdar has his Life Saving Dahl, every one of us has a special food we crave that (though not in actuality) save our lives, we cling on to it for life support.

This happens because we perceive food to be more than the substance that provides nutritional value and the taste. When you’re feeling low or you stress eat, you perceive food as a means to fulfilment or perhaps escapism.  Hailing from a coastal region in India, my comfort food happens to be fish curry and rice. Like wise when you eat to celebrate, you see food as a reward.

For thousands fo years, people have lived in civilisations, building cities, monuments, culture, society, beliefs, religion and their own culinary legacy. A lot of these civilisations were pushed to oblivion but a few of resurfaced to tell their stories.

The notion of food has been somewhat unchanged even through the sands of time; for example, if we look at the Opet festival in the Egyptian civilisation, about 1000s of loves of bread were traded. It is also believe that labourers building the breath-taking pyramids we see, were paid in loaves of bread and beer.

Opet fest

Egyptian Opet Festival in the ancient times.

The culinary aspect of every culture and civilisation across the globe in itself is very intriguing. The bread of the peasants was always full of impurities such as saw dust or grain husks and the refined taste were for those who could afford it. This doesn’t mean that good food is a luxury, it is without a doubt a necessity which every body should have equal right and access.

Even today, food of a province goes through a lot of changes as it passes through territories. The desirable part of this process is the fusion cuisine, but it is unpleasant when foods becomes distorted. The purpose of food is dual: to nourish and to please. Please don’t get me wrong but what I despise is distortion of food, which actually makes me cry and hurts me.

Food is good.



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