The joy of little things

What is happiness?
I don’t mean to intellectulise and write a blog post that leaves you with a headache. I was just curious after spending a good time inside my cubicle and looking at my desktop stare back at me.
Just like most of us, even happiness resists definition because it’s a free flow of emotion. For me good food is happiness because, I love food and by now almost every person knows that food is my favourite F-word.

What I was curious about was why are happy moments few and far in between? Do we refuse to be happy?
What I learnt a few days later, was an eye opener.

So, this one day I was on my way back home after a long day at work and I could’ve easily asked Alladin to lend me his magic carpet (if only it could be true) so that I could go home to other end of the town, sans the struggles of the local train. As I walked on the bridge I saw something so elemental, charismatic and breath taking that I forgot how I tired I was, I’d seen the moon. Flawed yet beautiful, soothing yet so moving, it hung in the sky so gracefully a tear rolled down my cheek. I was happy (I know it sounds like it’s staright out of a Karan Johar movie, but hey! I am an incurable romantic). I was happy for the rest of the week. I wish I picture to share with you.

Again, a few days later outside of office at a fair, being the eternal kid that’s am I made a friend sit with me on a giant wheel it was amazing the way I saw the world (at least that area) slip below me as I rose and after a few circles complete both me and my friend were giggling as though we were 10 years old.

Puja enjoying the ride

I was happy clicking her as I saw her face light up and needless to say I felt like a room without a roof just like that song.
The same day, I clicked a bunch of puppies and their mother.


I wasn’t sad the moment I started experiencing happiness in these little joys of life.
Finally managing a break after an extremely busy day at work
Watching a sunset.
Getting drenched at Marine Drive
Warm sunshine on a cold winter morning
Completing and assignment before time
Lying down under the stars

Watching this


There are all sorts of happiness out there and there waiting for you to hug them claim them and make memories.

And after so much of gyan,  to bid adieu with my favorite kind of happiness is (without a doubt) food!


Happiness is like the colors that hide in a ray of light. You’ve gotta see happiness come to you and  like that song “choti choti khushiyon pe dil mare chalang” be happy.

Stay inspired. Stay happy.

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