Restaurant Review: Kofuku

My love for Japanese food started quite a few years ago, when I first came across Teriyaki. Ever since then it has been playing hard to get with me. As soon as I think I know even a bit I have a whole new sides to discover, read about and eat!

Okonomiyaki is something, I first saw on tv and then searched for it online. That’s when I finally stumbled upon restaurants that serve it. Now, out of the other expensive bunch of Japanese restaurants Kofuku sounded decent. I first came across this restaurant on Zomato.

I stepped out of the lift to be greeted by a woman saying cheerfully “Konichiwa!” I told her that I wanted a table for two and she promptly walked us in. The interiors done in white with kofuku written in Japanese and English was just the minimal ornamentation the restaurant needed. The minimalistic approach to the interiors kept it clean and welcoming. I liked the place the moment I stepped inside.

The attendant walked us to a neat arranged table with square-shaped plates, tiny shallow bowls for soy sauce and chopsticks neatly wrapped in a paper, on each side.

I ordered my Japanese favourite: Yakitori, Gyouza and an Okonomiyaki.


Yakitori was the first to arrive. It is simple dish of grilled pieces of chicken on a stick with a nice sauce done savoury.


This was followed by a Gyouza, which is a Japanese dumpling. I had mine stuffed with pork. When it comes to dumplings, I like mine steamed. They came face down and as I worked my chop sticks, dunked each dumpling in soy sauce I felt as though I’d found another comfort food. I’d perhaps be underestimating, but things like these reinforces my faith in the simplicity of food. The pork inside was done just perfectly, neither too raw neither over cooked. Just perfect.


I picked up one after another; couldn’t stop until I’d finished the whole plate all by myself.

Next came the most awaited dish of this meal: Okonomiyaki!


While the attendant walked towards my table with this dish, I thought I was dreaming for a bit. I decided I’d only believe it once I’d eaten it. I broke a piece of it after taking my fair share of photos. While I used a pair of chopsticks to eat the dumplings, I used a fork and a knife.
I’d ordered mine with a pork filling. When I tasted it, (I know I’m overestimating) I know what I want to eat for the rest of my life. The flour binding the ingredients together,  cooked all the way to the core perfectly airy and light with cabbage and pork as filling, topped with sea weed, mayonnaise and sauces. I love the fact that despite being on a griddle, the cabbage retained its crunch. The pork inside was moist with an ample amount of fat (though there’s nothing called ample pork fat).

Being here on a time constrain was the only felony I committed. Simple, wholesome food that is very close to my heart.

I had to rush back for an appointment but I was full with such excellent starters. Great food, great experience and perhaps, the best  budget joint. I walked out happy with a big smile on my face. Everything about this place is fascinating, the simplicity of Japanese food is something I’ve always adored. I’m going to visit again, this food makes me feel at home.

This is how Okonomiyaki was checked off my list of foods to eat, I am not done with Japanese food yet. Fugu fish and Chanko Nabe is still on my Japanese Food Bucketlist, hopefully that’s happening soon but until then, Sayonara Japanese Food!

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