Change and what it does to you!

While on my way to work, I thought about a quote I’d came across “Changes are hard to start with, messy in the middle but gorgeous at the results” I couldn’t help ponder over it.
I agreed but what about the changes that are irreversible?

On Friday when I bid my colleagues,  my friends and the week adieu for the weekend I was happy. I left work like a gleefull child going home after school. I had an entire weekend planned with yummy Japanese food, good people to meet and great food to eat.

Saturday morning, while I was getting ready for my lunch at a Japanese restaurant in Bandra, my father told me that there was a devastating earthquake in Nepal.

That one sentence and a few tweets I read, I was afraid for a bunch of people who I consider important to me were in Nepal. My colleagues and my mentor Tara and her husband Sahil. It’s amazing how instantly I felt angry with God for doing this and I hoped they were safe.

This time they left in a rush. After Saturday, it was as though office had hibernated. Breaks were no longer the chirpy couple of minutes sandwiched between work hours and everybody who was at their desk working, was worried about the team.

We had a ritual of seeing the team off every time they left for a shoot. This is the only picture I had of us.

In a fit of anger and miserability, I made vain attempt of calling them. Everybody at work was worried, there was an unspoken understanding and hope that resonated. Waiting is perhaps the worst thing you’ve to do specially when you are in the midst of a natural disaster, you don’t know how long you’ll be waiting and what awaits you on the other side.

I had my versions of letters written and anger directed to the almighty being. I knew I was being very short sighted and selfish but my people shouldn’t be affected. I told him that he’d taken my uncle away and I couldn’t do anything about it. He’d left me devastated and he couldn’t be doing this to me.

Now when I look at it, it seems very immature. Regardless of everything, these were my people from my channel and who I was used to seeing every day.

I was going to hit the publish button on Monday while I walked to work but somehting in me asked me not to. I wouldn’t believe until I see them alive and breathing in fornt of me. I promised myself that I would post this only after they arrive back home in Mumbai. After a stressful day, I left the office with a heavy heart hoping they would return safe and breathing.

A few work hours pensive pauses and  exchange of letters, we knew our crew was safe. They were traveling back to Mumbai tomorrow. We heaved a sigh of relief while majority of us went back to work, I was still worried about their safe landing (blame that on being the type A control freak I can be in such situations).

Today, the landed safe in Mumbai. The whole office was at entrace to welcome them back form Nepal.

Thats my team cutting their ‘Welcome Back’ cake after they landed in Mumbai today.

It was a scene worth a lot more than what words can express. Everybody in office would receive them at the entrace. As they climbed out of their cars, I stood at a far end watching the whole saga of a reunion, the triumph of hope and prayers over tears and fear. I was grateful, perhaps a lot more than I can explain. We sat them down back at our pantry with refreshments. I had goosebumps as they recounted stories of their survival. Though two of them were back had minor injuries, I was happy to have my people back.


I started this post by talking about changes and so I will end this by talking the way it changed me, it taught me things a normal day wouldn’t have. This earthquake was both a challenge and a change. The ones who returned have changed for the better and I have learnt to cherish the moment rather than worrying about the fututre. Change is inevitable and so is survival! I shall survive whatever is given to me. While thousands, have bethis has been devastating, I hope that they become stronger. They’ll always be a part of prayers.

What I learnt from this incident is:

No matter how silently you pray, you’re prayers will be answered.

Nothing is ever as bad as you think.

Hope is what keeps the world going.

Just like Guns N’ Roses says “Nothing lasts forever, even cold November rain”

Stay Hungry. Stay Inspired. Stay Happy!


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