The No Spice Challenge

Food is my favourite F-word. I take my food seriously and a few people cringe when I talk about the things I want to eat (this list included some really gross and yummy foods from around the world).

What I am planning to do this summer, is something I have planning for quite some months. Being a foodie and willing to eat whatever food I find it hard to keep a tab on the amount of food I eat. I am not exactly embarrassed to admit it but I can be a glutton sometimes. What most of us do is misinterpret the term foodie, we assume just because a person is a foodie, he has a large appetite which is not exactly the case. A foodie has a refined taste and a developed palate with an understanding of the food from historical, cultural and the geographical perspective.

Without digressing, for a foodie like me who has the appetite for almost everything, it is really difficult to control my cravings. In my previous blog posts I’ve spoken about the Logic of Food, and how and why explained how binge eating is abusive to the body we live in.

There’s a reason why a few fruits are seasonally available, why your diet should have slight variations as per the season, work and physical activity you do. It is nature’s way of helping you cope up with the season. During summer, you’ll want to sip on a frappe or an ice tea and why hot chocolate will be your drink in the winter.

The sun block and cold beverage commercials that start making their grand reappearances tell me that mercury’s on the rise. So, this one day when I almost fainted, I realise that the spice quotient in my daily intake needs to be temporarily lowered.  Thinking on those lines, I decided to give up my appetite for spices during the month of May.

So, to regularise my health I’m taking this challenge where I shall stay off unnecessary spicy food and eat more of summer friendly variety of food. Yes, I’ve been craving water based fruits and drinks but what I am concerned about more is to curb my cravings about spices.

Reasons why I am doing this:

1. to not fall sick during this month when heat is at it’s peak

2. to gain control over my untimely cravings

3. to challenge myself over this.


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