Mumbai Monsoons

Dear Reader,
Hello! I hope you’re enjoying the rains. Like I mentioned in my earlier blog posts I’m still sick (as sad as that sounds).
I was relaxing at home for two days and they have been achingly slow. Lying in bed and watching reruns of Sarabhai vs Sarabhai on my laptop got monotonous in the first half. The rains decided to tease me by being heavier and I couldn’t order a piping hot pizza *Damn!* so I sat sipping hot tomato soup.
When the second day dawned, I wanted to be working out and heading to work just like normal days but then I was asked to stay home by my doctor. The boredom I dread was inevitable so I tried to stay in bed for another day.
While I saw old photos I had clicked the rain decided to play temptress. I came across a photo of the Race Course I’d clicked and I took it as a sign. I got off my bed, sneaked out of my house zipped on my rain coat and went jogging in the rain.

And old photo of the Mahalaxmi Race Course when it rains.

I may look like an careless idiot but I had a great time and honestly this didn’t feel wrong. I was happy and I haven’t felt better than this in a long time.
May be we all need our dose of crazy and perhaps after college I haven’t gotten my share of it. Anyway here I was gleefully making my way by the sea while my feet hit the ever puddle and  the cold swollen rain drops hit my face. Is this feeling what they call being in love?
Lots of love,

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