A loss to Humanity

Dear Everybody,

I’ve been off the blog scene for long. I can make all the excuses I want but when I got message from my friend Hormaz saying that Mr. Kalam passed away, I had to stop whatever I was doing and I had to type this out.

It happened when I was in a meeting and my phone buzzed. I knew it would be him so I ignored the phonefor a couple of minutes. Later Google told me that a person who I saw as a national hero was no more.

I was a child when I first came across his biography, Wings of Fire and in all the juvenile sense I wanted to be a scientist and make this world a better place to live in. He was my idea of a super hero. He was humble yet more than an impressive individual, a National Hero. A national treasure and an inspiration for many.

His death, I believe is a loss to humanity.

I’m sharing a poem I’d written symbolic of a loss of someone who was really close to me.

Banjar Ho gaya

Shayad aasman aaj viraan sa hoga

Aseem maya ka vishal samundar jo tha

Itni gehrai ke bawajud woh bejaan sa ho gaya

Najane kyu aaj majboor sa ho gaya

Woh samundar bhi ab banjaar ho gaya

Jo dekhta hai mujhe yun chup cuhp ke rote hue

Kya usiko hum bhagwan kehte hai?

Jise murtiyon se Puja jata hai?

Shayad aaj usne sune se inkaar kar diya

Woh Samundar bhi ab banjar ho gaya

Jo rehta apne ghosle mein

Suhana sa uska bhi aashiyan tha

Kya mila us patthar ko parinda ka ghosla todkar?

Shayad moorat ki tarah uska dil bhi pathar ho gaya

Woh Samundar bhi ab banjar ho gaya

Suna tha maine insano se bohot pyar karta hai

fir aaj usine ye ghav kyu diya?

Agar hum bache hi hai uske

Toh apne hi bache ho markar use kya mila?

Shayad us din woh bhagwan nahi raha berehem ho gaya

Woh samundar bhi banjar ho gaya

I know the poem is a little harsh and perhaps in hindsight, I am a little juvenile but I wanted to meet him at least once. My eyes have stayed moist ever since last night, there’s a heaviness and a sense of loss. Perhaps the best President and the Hero. I may not be able express myself in entirity but that again is an expression of the humongous loss.

My social media is filled with obituaries and posts about him, that is the sign of the greatness and inspiring life he personified. If inspiration could take human form, it was him. I wish he would be here to his vision 2020 come true. Just like he’s said “Look at the sky. We are not alone. The whole universe is friendly to us and conspires only to give the best to those who dream and work.” I hope he looks at us making 2020 a success, something more than what he has expected.

Lots of love (and hope),

Tanvi Juwale


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